The Committee

Your 2019 Football Club Committee is:

President: Kim Pyne

Vice President: Peter Gregory

Sectretary & Treasurer: Wendy Pyne

Committee Members:

  • Alex Bruce
  • Sue Davies
  • Lisa Mead
  • Jamie Smith
  • Mike Thompson
  • Scott Whitwell

Our team goals for 2019 include:

1. Increasing the capabiity of the Club through Coach development across all ages groups;

2. Encouraging open communication between players, coaches, managers and parents;

3. Increased collaboration between the Club and other codes;

3. Ensuring that our young people have fun and learn to be awesome team players;

4. Inspiring our players to carry on playing Football after leaving school.

Committee Members (Pics to follow)

Kim Pyne
Club President
Peter Gregory
Vice President
Wendy Pyne
Secretary & Treasurer