Date Posted
31st Mar 2019

BCFC Appoints New Football Development Officer (FDO)

Bethlehem College Football Club is delighted to announce that Shane Ridgway has been appointed FDO, replacing Cameron Grieve who left at the 2018 AGM.

Highly qualified Shane brings a wealth of Football knowledge and experience, and has been empowered to build player and coaching capability across the Club.  He will be developing and rolling out the Club's Football Philosophy, which will include a 4:3:3 team formation across all teams. 

As part of his role, Shane will be holding Coach's coaching sessions and will be arranging a free 2-hour introductory coaching course though WaiBOP, for those coaches who'd like to attend and grow their capability. (Details to follow)     

Shane's qualifications include:

  • Junior Level 3
  • Youth Level 3
  • Senior New Zealand C License (studying Licence B)

Shane also coaches at Melville United in Hamilton and was Manager of Cambridge United in 2014, as well as other high profile appointments.

The Club is further blessed, as Shane has also volunteered to coach the First X1 Boys in his own time and will run a Football Holiday Club.  It's hoped that we'll have that up and running by the middle of 2019. (Details to be announced early in Term 2).

Please join us in welcoming and supporting Shane in this role.