Manager and Coach Policy

Good sport is about positive attitude. As a Coach you set the standards; play your part to help make each season and each game a success. This set of guidelines describes the standards of behaviour Bethlehem College expects of its Coaches.

 To the best of my ability I will:

  • Uphold the special character of Bethlehem College
  • Include prayer in training sessions and at games
  • Not use any bad language
  • Not tolerate bad language by my students
  • Set high personal behaviour standards for myself
  • Give attention and time to each player
  • Provide opportunities for players to play the game
  • Never argue with officials, encourage cheating or make excuses for losing
  • Always be positive; never shout at or ridicule players
  • Respect player’s efforts regardless of whether we have won or lost
  • Encourage respect for the opposition and officials
  • Keep winning & losing in perspective with personal challenge and enjoyment
  • Inform players and their parents if a certain selection policy is to be applied for specific games
  • Accept a player/family decision NOT to participate in additional sporting activities on a Sunday. This decision must not jeopardize the student’s selection for  teams/games
  • Apply a policy of open communication with players, families, staff at Bethlehem College
  • Foster safe playing and training environments

Each Football seaon, all coaches and managers MUST complete a declaration agreeing to abide by the above policy.