Selection Policy - Football

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Bethlehem College Football Club Selection Policy (Football)

Club Philosophy: Players will not be placed into teams based on friendships. (The only exception being social grades and tournaments specifically for social games). We strongly encourage parents to inform their children that sport is about learning new skills and making new friends. We may not always get into the team we desire but we want our children to understand that it is an opportunity to challenge themselves and to embrace new opportunities.

Players will be selected as part of a team for the entire football season and the team will be placed in the appropriate WaiBop Football division as determined by the Club Selection Committee.  

  1. In some cases, teams may comprise mixed year groups and gender (where applicable). Players are encouraged to attend the trial they think most suitable to their ability (could be two trials). E.g. a Year 6 player could play in a Grade 10 team or trial to play in a Grade 11 team.
  2. Final selection decisions are made by the Club Selection Committee. A request for a decision to be reviewed can be raised, in the first instance, by emailing the Club Selection Committee ( and, thereafter, via escalation to the Club President ( The Club President will not entertain any request for a selection review without the request having gone via the Club Selection Committee first. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to outline in writing the reason/s for a review.
  3. The following selection criteria will be used in the decision making process: 
    • Trial performance; 
    • Past record and experience; 
    • Ability/potential;
    • Temperament; and 
    • General discussions amongst the selectors in order to place players in the most appropriate team.
  4. BC Football’s goal is to field our strongest teams, in the top division, in each of the various competitions. The rest of our teams will compete in either development divisions and/or social divisions, as deemed appropriate. This strategy achieves our goal of a balance between healthy competition for our more advanced footballers and participation and development for our new and growing footballers. 
  5. Team selection is never easy. We ask that all communication with the Club Selection Committee and Club President is polite and considerate.
  6. All decisions made by the Club President in relation to slelection are final.